Best Restaurants in New York For 2016

New York is the largest city in the US, and a testament to architectural genius with its dazzling monuments and sky-reaching buildings, like the famous Statue of Liberty. But, as a sprawling metropolis and bustling city, New York has more to offer the passionate tourist than just beautiful sights. It’s also home to a ton of famous restaurants and iconic foods that you’d be crazy to miss.

Here are some of the hottest, most celebrated restaurants in New York for 2016.

Le Coucou


Le Coucou represents classical French cuisine delivered in a pleasant, relaxed setting. Award-winning chef David Rose is famous for cooking classical French food with no tweaks or modifications. Expect traditional dishes from refined pike quenelles dipped in foamy sauce américaine to filet de boeuf and jus à la moelle served with oxtail potatoes.

In a world where restaurants attempt a variety of gimmicks in order to stand out from the crowd, Le Coucou opted to be special, by doing nothing special. And it worked. Just simple, deliciously mouth-watering French meals served on luscious gold plates in a beautifully lit room.



Sushi Nakazawa


Located in Greenwich Village, Sushi Nakazawa is a traditional sushi bar serving the omakase (a term used to describe the hand-picked meals of a chef) of Chef Daisuke Nakazawa. Every single one if it’s sourced products is hand-picked with an emphasis on quality.

And, watching Chef Nakazawa prepare his meals with the precision of a surgeon is an absolute pleasure. His passion for sushi shines in every one of his twenty-course meals. That, combined with his energetic personality and decades of experience is what makes Sushi Nakazawa the standout Japanese cuisine in New York.

We highly recommend putting Sushi Nakazawa at the top of your list of dinner destinations for an unforgettable experience.


Il Brigante


Il Brigante is a hidden gem, situated in the shadow of New York’s Financial District. The self-claimed goal of the restaurant is to replicate some of the best southern Italian cuisines and provide a brilliant, authentic Italian experience for all its visitors. And it accomplishes it with style. Although more renowned for their spaghetti con vongole, Il Brigante also offers a wide variety of traditional Italian pizzas and pasta.

Il Brigante doesn’t hold back from their food portions. But that doesn’t stop them from delivering absolute perfection in each and every one of their meals. The service from the staff is also nothing short of top-notch. You’ll be welcomed like family and treated like royalty.





Downtown Street Shots

If like a lot of New York tourists, you’d rather have a taste of good old America as opposed to foreign cuisines during your time in the USA, then Delmonico should absolutely be the first place you visit.

As the very first restaurant in the United States, Delmonico has always been at the forefront of American dining. The stunning, old-world styled dining space has been home to poets, celebrities, and even presidents over a period of two centuries. Executive Chef Bill Oliva delivers a sophisticated level of innovative dishes, whilst at the same time, preserving the classics like Delmonico’s Steak, Baked Alaska, and Lobster Newburg